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Juggling her time as a founder of Creative Education Studio and CES Records, as well as a co-founder of the Georgian Music Legacy Collection, has left little time for sTia to focus on her music. However, her musical journeys and transitions brought her back to "home".

It's not easy to define the musical genre of this 7 track EP. Mostly acoustic piano with some electronic ambience and squeaky pedal that gets in the way. Some melancholic recitative and hypnotic hip-hop instrumental in the end. The music, written, performed, and produced by sTia herself, resonates with listeners who seek a blend of classical elegance and modern flair.

In A4 Natia collaborates with Luna Flowers and Sabana, the founding members of most influential hip-hop collectives in Georgia such as "KayaKata", LTFR and Temple Pharmacy.

In B3 sTia's home is covered by one of the most promising young Georgian hip-hop instrumentalist Nikala.

A1, A2, A3, A5, A6 composed, performed, recorded and produced by sTia.

A4 music written by Sabana & Luna Flowers. Lyrics by Luna Flowers. Vocal by Luna Flowers. Piano cover version by sTia.

B3 music by sTia. Rework by Nikala. Performed and produced by Nikala.

All tracks mastered by Giorgi Koridze

Vinyl design by Kantora.

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Where Do I Go From Here


Out Of My System


Safe & Sound


FlowerWild (Stia Piano Cover)






Home (Nikala Rework)